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75 Hard Challenge

I got a package in the mail today. It was a running bib and medal from a race that was suppose to take place March 28th of this year. It was post-poned to October, but we opted out just to be on the safe side. I was so sad to miss out on this race. Run the Bluegrass is my absolute favortie half marathon. Not only is event just first class all around, the scenery is fabulous, and for 7 years, it has been a girls weekend with my mom. I was also suppose to run the Disney Marathon in January 2021 with a good friend...that was canceled. 2020 strikes again...

It is actually quite serendipitous that this came in the mail today. I did not earn this medal, but I want to! This was the kick in the butt I needed to do a challenge I had thought about on a whim earlier this week. I was planning on posting a blog today (if you're reading this right now, then I did it- haha) on the 75 hard challange. The plan is to start next week. I figured posting about it will keep me accountable and the end of it will fall in line with when *knock on wood* I hope to be on a trip. I was wondering if I am doing this for the right reasons? Is a trip the right reason??? Historically, trying to get fit for a trip has typically failed.

You know what honestly, I probably wouldn't have been very proud of either the half or the Disney finishing time. I also have not been running as much as I though I would be at the start of 2020. I do know I'm sick of feeling this way and this could be the reset button I need. 75 hard is more about physical fitness, but mental toughness too. So, I am going to do it!

Starting 11/27/20, I am starting the 75 Hard Challange. Here are the rules:

  1. Follow a diet. Any of your choice. I am going to count calories. It's the holidays people, I am not going to completely deprive myself. That would just be setting myeslef up for failure.

  2. Do 2 45 min workouts, one must be outside.

  3. Absolutely no alcohol or cheat days

  4. Drink 1 gallon of water

  5. Read 10 pages of a book- audio doesn't count

  6. Take a progress picture

  7. If you break any of these, you have to start over at DAY 1

For more information on the 75 hard challenge, click the link:

I will be posting updates on here every Thursday. Hopefully, more positives than negatives! It most definitely be a personal experiment of mind over body! I hope to pass along what I learn about it through here! At the end of the 75 days, I will be running 13.1 miles to earn my medal!

Wish me luck!

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