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75 Hard Update: Week 6

This week's stats-

Books Read- The Book of Coaching for Extraordinary Coaches

Miles walked/ran- 33.48

Pace- 11.34 min/mile

Fastest mile- 10.46min- almost puked trying to get under a 10min/mile... next week

Additional pounds lost- 4.9!!! It has been almost a YEAR since I have been this low (Jan 10, 2020 last time I saw this number on a scale!). The most weight loss in a week so far and I haven't done anything different. Maybe after over a month detox from no alcohol its just falling off now??? Not expecting much weight loss next week however.

LOVING that I am seeing improvement in all areas every single week! This week was a bit easier.

The book was a flop though. Very much marketed for coach's who have years experience, very vague about how to get to the authors level, and tons of links for resources. The later sounds like a bonus, which it probably is, however it's in a paper book and no way I'm typing in the easily over 100 links listed in the book.

Next week's book is on backyard conservation and I'm looking forward to the inspiration. I also had a revelation about my book selections. I organically choose books in the areas of Christ, care, and conservation. The only topic I am missing is crafts. Not too sure I want to try and find a book on crafting, but I may (sidebar, I did craft this week). It really drove home to me that Complete Courage is truly about those four areas in my life!

We are less than a month left to the challenge and less than a month till my half marathon. Very excited to see how far I'll go and how hard I will push myself!

Stay tuned next Thursday for the week 7 update!

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