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Bet I can make you reconsider your soda habit!

This is for all my regular pop drinkers. Actually, ANY drink with calories can apply here. Diet soda drinkers, we will talk another day.

Let's look at the math:

3,500 calories to lose a pound of weight/

150 calories in the average 20oz can of soda/

approximately 2 cans a day (assuming Lunch and Dinner or an afternoon pick me up)

=around 12 days to effortlessly lose 1 a pound

365 days in a year/

12 days to lose a pound just giving up soda


A little over 2 pounds in a month and that is before you even lifted a weight, walked a single step or counted any food calories! This is assuming that you do not change your current caloric intake other than just dropping the sodas or sugary drinks from your diet.

Still not convinced? Let's hit your wallet...

$2.50 for the average soda at a restaurant x

4 people in a household x

3 times going out to eat in a week

= $30 a week on soda


Obviously, do the math according to where you live and your family dynamics because how much you spend will change based on those elements. However, I think you can see how quickly it can add up. This isn't even including the soda purchased for at home. Maybe it isn't soda that you are addicted to, maybe it's lemonade, sweet tea, or a night cap at the end of the day. This can apply to any drink with calories. Play around with the math yourself and see where you can effortlessly cut calories from drinks.

My best advice to care for yourself is: DO NOT DRINK YOUR CALORIES!

Caloric drinks just adds extra weight and ends up costing a lot of money. I didn't even get into the chemicals that are bad for you, the addictive sugar, and all the plastic waste generated from the cups, lids, and straws.

Stay tuned for alternatives to sugary drinks.

Comment below and share! Let me know if you have tried this, some hurtles you see from this, or some soda alternatives.

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