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Conserve Coral Reefs & Sea Turtles This Holiday Season!

On December 4th, Siren Soapbox Podcast had a very special episode about eco-friendly businesses. We had the privilege of speaking with two very special guests, Megan from Reefbox and Autumn from Stream2Sea. Both are amazing companies and each siren has had great experiences with each! We had lots of laughs, shared some great dive stories (some in the after the show episode to air on a later date), and learned a lot!

Reefbox is an amazing gift option for the diver in your life because they would get a subcription box each month with new and amazing products! Megan's efforts to keep plastic waste in the box to a minium and connections to eco-friendly brands is absolutely stellar! Check them out at Use code "SIRENSOAPBOX"to receive 15% off your subscription.

Reefbox has partnered with Stream2Sea on several boxes and the products from Autumn's company are approprate for everyone in your life! Stream2Sea has reef safe sunscreen. They also have an assortment of skin and hair products that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Every single one of the Sirens can personally recommend the leave in conditioner- especially for detangling hair after being in the pool or ocean. The conditioning shampoo and body wash is an absolutely life saver when packing! New to their product line up is shark free squalene. Stream2Sea uses plant derived squalene for that soft moisturizing feeling, which is a huge win for shark populations! Check out the product list in your personal care bag in the bathroom, you might be suprised to find that shark byproduct is hidden in your favorite lipstick or moisturizer under the guise of squalene. Check out Stream2Sea at

But! I was going to tell you how to help save reefs and sea turtles with your holiday shopping. I already explained a little bit about how amazing Stream2Sea is with their reef safe products- save the reefs, check! If you use code "SIRENSOAPBOX" at checkout, 20% of the purchase is donated to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabiliation Center. I could go on for days about how wonderful Jean and her team are at KBSTRR, but that will be a whole blog in and of itself. For now, know that they save hundreds of sea turtles a year and check them out at

Don't forget to check out Siren Soapbox at

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