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Lessons learned from 2020

  • Everyone has courage in them, it just looks different in each person. To some courage is taking on the world, to others it can be just battling their inner demons to get out of bed.

  • Dogs are the the best gift that humans don't deserve...they lucked out the most this year.

  • Every year has its ups and downs, there is always something to be thankful for.

  • Anyone is capable of anything- virtuous or evil.

  • At the core of every sin, you will find selfishness.

  • No one knows what they are doing. Just when you think you have it figured out, life will throw you a curve ball just to prove you wrong.

  • No matter what you think, someone out there will be offended. With that being said, be your glorious self and don't worry about what others think- especially if you are not causing harm.

  • There are people in this world that absolutely hate you, want what you have, and will use all of their energy to try and destroy them anyway.

  • Things will happen for you when the time is right, not when you want it.

  • There is very little that spending time out in nature cannot fix (or at least make a bit better).

  • Nature in Ohio and Kentucky is far more amazing than I ever realized.

  • Single use plastic is less of a concern during a pandemic, keep trying anyway!

  • Creating is cathartic

  • Don't get discouraged if your work isn't "as good" as someone else's...refrain from comparing and it will always have your special twist to it!

  • The only one you can control is yourself.

  • Speaking of control, the only one that has it is God, so throw that worry out the window.

  • Never underestimate the power of prayer

  • Forgiving doesn't mean that the pain is gone or that you forget what happened.

  • Forgiveness is for everyone, even if you can't reconcile with them. Reconciliation is possible, remember to hold tight to the lessons you learned.

  • There is no right amount of time or way to grief, listen to your body and take it one day at a time. Ride the wave, don't fight it... eventually the storm will pass.

  • Life before was WAY too hectic, learning to enjoy the slower pace.

  • Sometimes you need a BIG push to start moving the right direction.

  • Every step forward adds up! Even when it doesn't feel like you are making progress, that is when you need to keep going- don't give up!

  • Keep your head up. Mentally and physically, no really it helps you breath better (especially on runs!).

  • Be a light for someone in a dark place, light always drives out darkness.

  • There is only one you and only you know what makes you happy- pursue that without regard to anyone's thoughts or feelings because they aren't living YOUR LIFE! Figure out what makes you happy and DO IT!!! LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!!!

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