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Week 2: 75 Hard Update

Oh yea! Two weeks down, eight and a half left to go ( and silent existential dread sets in...). I have heard that the first few weeks are the easiest, the challenge is to keep the momentum going. I have already felt myself nearly slip and revert back to what's comfortable. I will admit there were a few times this week that I almost missed a workout session, almost sneak in some extra calories, and almost skip some water.

Let's get this weeks stats out of the way:

Book Read- The Secret

Miles walked/ran- 34.29

Additional pounds lost- only .2- BUT! I lost some and I kept last week's five off!

I want to add another stat to the mix this week because I discovered that I am improving already. I am going to include my running pace. Last week it was 14:19 min/mile and now it is 13:46 min/mile. So, I thought it could be interesting to track this progress too.

I have noticed that I am running more as opposed to walking. Again, every workout has been outside. Admittedly being outside was easier this week in the 40's and 50's than last week when we had snow on the ground. My son kept asking me why on earth I would start this program in the winter- lol!. I am still keeping up with no alcohol, which is probably the credit to the first week's big weight drop. Cheat meals, again refer to week one, but the creator and I have different opinions and I am sticking to my way- calorie counting with everything in moderation. I have been staying at under 1,800 calories a day with healthier food choices and small desserts in moderation. Daily reading has been easy to accomplish. By placing a book in a predominate area where you sit for a while, like a desk, is a good reminder. Water has proven to be a bit of a challenge on some days. I have to aim to have 2/5ths of my intake complete by lunch or the rest of the day is a struggle. Having a fun yeti with my favorite stickers on it that I can take with me on the road helps.

I have noticed that I am sleeping better, I have more energy, and I feel like I am generally in a better mood most days. The dogs are super happy too because they are getting 4 to 6 miles out on the town a day. My favorite thing about this process has been dragging my 12 year old son for a 45 min walk each day. He is doing classes online though Most of his day is spent at his desk on his computer with little room for moving around between 8am to 2:30pm. Once the first five minutes of sheer complaining and whining is out of the way, we have been able to connect undistracted by devices. We even had a hawk fly right in front of us about six feet away- it was amazing!

Stay tuned, next Thursday will be update on week 3!

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