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Week 3: 75 Hard Update

Three weeks down, seven and a half left to go. Fatigue is starting to set in. I'm getting tired of counting calories everyday. It is a pain somedays to try to squeeze in a hour and a half of excerise in every single day. This week has been COLD and I'm just feeling like laying in my nice warm cozy bed. Yet again, my 12 year old is pestering me with the inquiry, "But why did you start this in the winter?"

Earlier this week, one of our hikes we found salamanders. Through much nagging, I finally dragged everyone to the park. We finally accomplished our goal of finding the slimy critters after 10 long months. This morning was a hike for the Christmas Bird Count that resulted in hearing some owls and seeing some fascinating species of the ornithological kind.

This week's stats-

Book Read- The Hidden Power of Kindness

Miles walked/ran- 35.48

Pace- 13:18 min/mile

Additional pounds lost- 2.1

After 21 days, I hope that this is the darkest part...the last little resistance before all the tasks of the 75 Hard Challenge become habit. Tune in next week to find out.

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