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Week 4: 75 Hard Update

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Despite the "Oh shit" picture, I have in fact completed 28 of 75 days. For some odd reason, the app thinks there is no internet, so in true 2020 fashion we are going to accept the dumpster fire for a picture and roll with it.

This week's stats-

Books Read- Hedges & The Four Agreements

Miles walked/ran- 35.57

Pace- 13:06 min/mile

Additional pounds lost- 2.6

Stats are all improving which I am pleased with. It is still difficult on somedays to do all the things on the to do list, but I have been powering through it reminding myself it's called "hard" for a reason. The best part of this is the very visible finish line (well, when the internet wants to work and show me how many days left- lol). Knowing the end date to this makes it easier not to slip up, especially since I'm so close to half way there.

Not drinking was hard today at Christmas Eve dinner when everyone was having wine or the night before when my husband was drinking my favorite beer from Bockfest, Emancipation. Having substitutes for alcohol help. Hop WTR has been my go to, advertising "no booze, just buzz". Not too sure that I've felt the buzz or if it's a placebo effect. It does have a mild IPA flavor and bubbles, so it helps the craving.

Earlier this week, I was having an Americano espresso (0 calories) and had just brushed my teeth. I swear I thought it tasted like a peppermint mocha coffee OR this challenge has got me delusional.

Tune in next week for the week 5 update. Until then, enjoy the holidays :-)

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